Our Clients Speak (April 2019)

Expedient Technology Solution's Stress Free IT client survey responses for April 2019.  We are thankful for our clients trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience. Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services!

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  • Thank you for getting me RDP'd in! smile
  • Well done. Fast reply
  • Jacoby is awesome ONCE again!
  • Thank you for your support and assistance this morning!Very helpful!
  • Justin was awesome to work with on this update! Thanks!
  • Watson and Jeff are my heroes. I can now open applications within the folders without needing to copy them to my desktop.

Watson and Zach speaking Tech Learning to MCESC members

  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Thanks for getting back with our third party vendor so quickly.
  • Always helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Again, I appreciate the fast service.
  • Awesome work Thanks
  • Thanks for all the help Tyler!
  • Thanks for being so accommodating!
  • Expedient is great! Thanks for helping us on the daily!
  • Helped me login very quickly! Thank you
  • Thanks
  • Was very helpful and got it done with little of my time.
  • Thank you very much! This was a top priority and we appreciate your help!
  • Very helpful and we got the issue figured out.
  • Great service!!!
  • Watson was very professional and took great care to get me up and running again!!
  • Thank you so much to Bill for all his help this past week. I know he was as frustrated as I was with my email not working as it should have been. I also want to thank all of you for helping get our signature blocks working again. You all are wonderful!
  • Patrick was my main point of contact with this ticket. I think he did a great job trying to figure out the connection issue. He addressed it in a timely manner and with all necessary resources, plus he was very professional and fun to work with.
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks Tyler!
  • Thanks Roger!
  • Tyler was awesome! He had me up and running in less than 15 minutes. And he was extremely pleasant and helpful!
  • The rep that was responding to tickets when I submitted the ticket was quick to respond to me, letting me know that she didn't know the answer but that Tyler would respond to me in the morning.
  • The experience is always wonderful. The staff is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Thanks for all you do.
  • Quick fix, thank you!
  • Thanks Jordan!
  • Timely assisted two different times…thank you!
  • Thanks Jordan!
  • The guy that helped me was awesome!!!!!!
  • Brian did great at diagnosing and remedying our problem. Thanks!
  • It was so nice to get what I needed done so quickly. Thanks!!
  • I think Jacoby did a great job considering the problem is a docking station that does a worse than sub-par job, compounded by a laptop that seems to fade in and out of recognizing ethernet and wifi.
  • I marked "satisfied" simply because you all tried so hard to fix this. I can only hope that <3rd party vendor> support is responsive and fixes it soon.
  • I haven’t had the issue since calling in
  • Thank you for staying on top of this potential challenge and a BIG THANK YOU to JT for delivering my laptop to my house when I was unavailable to come pick it up. MUCH appreciated!! Thanks again!
  • Done Quickly, Thank You
  • Overall, very satisfied with the result. Thank You.
  • Per usual, your staff is very courteous, friendly and helpful. I enjoy working with your group.
  • Yes, I am very pleased. The staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant.
  • I don't usually take the time to type reviews, but Roger went above and beyond to make sure my issue was resolved. He followed up with me multiple times during the day to make sure the issue was resolved. Thanks Roger!
  • Thank you Jacoby!
  • Way to go Watson!!!
  • Watson provides outstanding support every time!!!
  • Thanks for the help today!
  • He was very helpful and resolved my issue quickly.
  • I appreciate that you got this done for me. Thank you for completing this task promptly and retrieving this file I deleted.
  • Thank you, Tyler!
  • Helped right away over the phone
  • Watson was awesome. I knew it was a quick fix and just needed a reminder of how to do this. Watson was wonderful.
  • Thanks again for your help
  • Jake is AWESOME!
  • Tyler did a fantastic job!
  • Thank you Clay for getting this resolved so quickly.
  • All seems to be working now!
  • Everyone did a great job
  • Big thanks to Roger!
  • I appreciate the continued support. Having called three times today on three different issues it is great to get the immediate personalized service that fixes the issues. Thank you
  • All is well!!
  • Thanks!
  • Quick Fix.
  • Thank you for discussing and trying
  • Thank you for digging into this and finding the solution! Much appreciated!!
  • They were very patient with our requests, many thanks
  • Always do a great job! Thank you
  • You guys are awesome as usual!
  • Thank you…!
  • Thanks Jacoby, appreciate that you're in the office early for us early birds smile
  • THANK YOU!!!! We have been waiting on the dual monitors for a long time
  • Very quick and tidy response to clear up the issue. thanks!
  • Thank you
  • Quick and easy!!
  • I don't know what else you could have done, we appreciate your quick action and the fact that you knew what to do because you've kept notes about past problems with this system. Great job!
  • Thank you!!
  • Sorry to have bothered you. This one was operator error. Must be Monday all over again. :o)
  • Thanks for the assistance.
  • didn't we close this last week?? so far, so good this morning...
  • Thanks so much Justin!
  • Thank you

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