Our Clients Speak (February 2019)

Expedient Technology Solution's Stress Free IT client survey responses for February 2019.  We are thankful for our clients trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience. Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services!

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  • Super service on this ticket! Thank you very much!!
  • Went quickly and smoothly. Thank You!
  • Watson was awesome! He was very communicative during the whole process and didn't even mind when I had to put him on hold.Thank you!
  • Successful and timely fix for the issue.
  • Fantastic as always
  • Thanks again for great service
  • Great help thank you
  • Thanks Again!
  • David was great. One phone call that was answered immediately was all it took to find out that I had indeed lost my recent documents lists in Excel and Word. Unfortunately, Microsoft still has some troubling issues that it needs to work on!
  • Thank you!
  • I was pleased to get a solution right away, from the first person who answered my call. Great service. Thank you, Jacoby!
  • Always a great job and a resolution. Thank you
  • Excellent
  • Good service
  • Jacoby answered and resolved in a single call. Very helpful.
  • Watson really provided above and beyond service.
  • Thank you
  • Thanks Jacoby for your kind support as usual!
  • Thanks Roger for your great support as usual!!
  • Very helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and friendly.
  • Always super helpful!
  • Super fast! Thanks so much!
  • Thank you very much!!
  • Quick service
  • Bill was very nice and fixed my issue very quickly!
  • Thanks to Zach for getting the switch loops fixed and getting us back to functional. We need a brief followup call to resolve the last issue, but all seems good now. Thanks!
  • Tyler responded very promptly to help answer our question. Thanks, Tyler!
  • Thanks Clay
  • It was nice that Tom was available & willing to help resolve my issue on a Saturday. Thank you!
  • The issue was resolved on Friday when I had my day off. In speaking with others in the office, the issue was resolved quickly once Expedient came to the office on Friday.
  • As always - thank you!
  • Tyler was a big help getting the scanner set up. Thanks!
  • Watson is incredible!
  • Thanks for the quick response.
  • Thank you for helping me get it right!
  • Thanks for fixing the problem. Keep up the good work.
  • I appreciate the help that Tyler gave me. I was not aware that the mailbox was already showing in my inbox and he was very helpful.
  • Tyler was AWESOME! Thank you!
  • Thanks!
  • I appreciate your getting the disk space feed up ... Thank you!
  • I appreciate your quick response as always. I'm looking forward to our new labeling system that will do away with this issue ...
  • It was done in a very quick and timely fashion. Thank You
  • You guys are awesome.
  • They knew I had a problem without me even telling them!
  • thanks for staying with this and seeing this thru; we'll advise if issues arise.
  • Thanks Tom for your great support!
  • Thanks Roger for your great support as usual!
  • We were not able to fix the issue due to security reasons, but the staff was able to recommend a work around that fixed the issue
  • Roger did everything possible to resolve the issue.
  • They did a good job
  • Quick response, able to fix problem within minutes
  • Thanks, Tyler! Sorry, my DUH was part of the issue :-| Thanks
  • I just appreciate how professional you are and never act like it is a "dumb" question. Thanks.
  • As usual my worry and concern over an issue is put to ease within minutes. Excellent service, I always feel as if I'm talking to someone I work with every day.
  • Thank you very much for your valuable and friendly support! I appreciate it very much! Wishing you a lovely day!
  • Thanks Rick for an awesome job! smile
  • Jacob was great...from the Nice Gina
  • Thank you very much for moving so quickly on this request this morning.
  • Great service, as always!
  • I don't know who helped Chris but thank you!
  • quick, friendly and efficient.
  • Thank you!
  • Great job as always, thank you.
  • Thanks to Jeff and Clay!
  • As always, great service!
  • You guys do a great job, Thank you very much
  • I received prompt service, and the person was able to help me on the first try. Thanks!
  • Thank you!
  • Fast and friendly as always! Thank you for not making me feel like an idiot for being 85% computer illiterate.
  • Jacoby helped me quickly get into my machine this morning.
  • Awesome job as always, Jacoby! Thank you!
  • Done quickly and very professionally! Thank You
  • Always great service. You guys rock!!
  • Jacoby was AWESOME! Thank you!
  • Thanks Jacoby
  • Thanks Roger!
  • Thanks David!
  • Watson did a great job!
  • Watson found a VPN connection that was 2 versions old. Fixed the problem to remove it and load the new one. Thanks for being thorough!
  • I think we got it figured out. Thanks Jacoby!
  • Did a great job. This was handled promptly.
  • thanks Roger!

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