Our Clients Speak (July 2019)

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Expedient Technology Solution’s Stress Free IT client survey responses for July 2019.  We are thankful for our clients trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience. Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services!

  • Thank you for collaborating with me on this project. You helped me deliver a new capability to my client, which they greatly appreciate. You devised a much better way for redirecting emails than what I envisioned. I’m grateful for your improvement.
  • Thank you! Month end is not a good day to have our servers go down!
  • Thanks Roger!
  • Thanks Jacoby!
  • Sorry for the delay in closing this ticket, but thanks for setting this account up.
  • You can close it. I was WELL TAKEN CARE OF! Thank you! Bill, I think his name was, did an excellent job getting me back up and running!
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks Roger!
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks Bill!
  • Since I have started with the company, I have interacted with employees from Expedient twice. On both occasions, each gentleman helped resolve the issue quickly and were very kind. If I ever run into anymore problems, I know who I am calling!
  • Thanks!!
  • Thank you for your valuable support!
  • Great Extra help after the problem solved itself…
  • Thank you David for fixing my screwup so quickly!!
  • Roger is the best!
  • Every time I have reached out to a member of Expedient, they have been nothing short of FANTASTIC! So helpful and willing to make sure I’m taken care of. Thanks for all that you do!
  • I thought there was an issue but it’s fine now.
  • As always very smooth service, these people are the best
  • Jacoby did an excellent job as always, Stayed on the task as long as it took to figure out the underlying issue.
  • Jacoby is the best!
  • Tom … here’s your review: Do you need a 3D Scanning device connected? Tom does it. Do you need to find a ghost driver to get that scanner to connect? Tom finds it. Do you need to get the other customer support on the line because the program is being difficult? Tom does that too. Do you need someone to make sure that it is working appropriately for all users that could possibly need to run this program? I know a guy, his name is Tom. Do you need someone to help you get an entirely other laptop set up for you with absolutely everything you could need so you can still work remotely if needed? Guess what? TOMMY BOY DOES IT! Seriously, Tom, thank you for all of the help in Columbus yesterday and being patient working through all of the hoops that come with what you guys do. Also, shout-out to Jacoby as well for taking a call back and taking the time to look into something else afterwards for me, even though I probably made him late for something else he was supposed to do. Thanks guys!
  • Roger saved my derriere, and for that I am highly appreciative. He recovered a lost file that I had put a ton of work into, and he got my app back up and running.  THANKS!
  • This was taken care of within minutes of me emailing in the issue. Great response time and service!
  • Roger is the best! He went above and beyond with this ticket.
  • Nicely done! Got everything over seamlessly. Thank you!
  • Joe was very helpful and knowledgeable of this issue. Thank you.
  • Great job!
  • Great experience as always!! Thank you so much for your help!
  • Tyler is always a big help!
  • Excellent customer service and technical support – thanks!
  • Joe did a great job installing Office 2019!
  • Thank you for the quick response.
  • Thanks once again saved by the IT geniuses.
  • He did a great job of explaining the challenge I was having and how to avoid it in the future and also made additional efforts to check what version of Windows I’m utilizing and made some helpful upgrades there…and furthermore addressed an Adobe pop up recurring issue I had been dealing with for some time. Great work and great attitude. Thanks!
  • Always helpful!
  • Always great
  • Roger is the man
  • Thanks for your help!
  • Jordan did great job installing my new computer. He made sure everything was properly transferred from my old computer. He also stayed through the reboot to make sure everything was working properly.
  • Thank you Tyler for fixing it…again, lol.
  • Great job! Thank you!
  • Both Justin V and Joe B. worked on this Surface Pro computer trying to get it up and running. Really appreciate their diligence and working on it for hours to resolve the issues. Thanks guys!
  • This was my first time calling in – the rep was knowledgeable, polite, quick, and I was on my way in a matter of minutes. Thank you so much!
  • Great, Fast, very helpful Thanks
  • Thank you for your service.
  • Thanks!
  • Had a few minor issues and we resolved them easily. Perfect execution of this service.
  • Delighted to have the help!
  • Tyler is one of the best reps Expedient has (in my opinion) He has helped me a few times and no matter what the issue is, he always resolves with the best attitude.
  • Resolved the problem quickly and to my satisfaction.
  • Always fabulous
  • Excellent help from all of you but from Jacoby in particular.
  • Awesome!
  • The issue is not resolved but we are finding a workaround.
  • Tyler was extremely fast and diligent.
  • Tyler was very friendly and helpful!
  • Jacoby is the best! Took my day from woe to wow in 10 minutes.

If you would like to learn more about taking the Stress out of your IT, please call us today (937) 535-4300.  Managed Service Providers of Managed IT Services, Monitored and Managed Infrastructure and Managed Cyber IT Security.

Managed services are only as good as the team providing them.

Celebrating 15 Years of Delivering Wow and Reshaping the IT Experience.

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