Our Clients Speak (July 2020)

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Expedient Technology Solutions Stress Free IT® client survey responses for June 2020.  We are thankful for our clients trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience.  Our team members will do all they can to make your IT Stress Free.  Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services.  

  • So helpful. Thank you.
  • Awesome job on the update, Patrick! Thanks!
  • Claude says that you were very helpful in getting this done for him. Thank you!! 
  • Thank you for the quick response! 
  • Very patient – thank you!
  • Jacoby did a great job!
  • Thank you!
  • Yes, but I have more issues that could not be fully addressed in that one session. More sessions need to be scheduled, which sometimes is the hardest objective to accomplish with my schedule. 
  • Thanks!
  • YAY ROGER! Thanks!!
  • Fast and correct follow up, thank you!
  • Thanks!!!
  • Thank you!
  • As usual Jordon solved the problem quickly, thanks!
  • Thank you
  • Thanks!
  • Very helpful land fast
  • Fantastic!
  • Always good.
  • Thanks for your help
  • Awesome as usual!!!!!!
  • Thanks for all of your help
  • Tom was fantastic
  • The tech very efficiently resolved the issue he was very polite and patient as well 
  • There was actually no issue. Technician was patient when I realized my silly mistake. 
  • Great service
  • Appreciate the after-hours continued support…
  • Thanks!
  • Thank you for never giving up and for finding a solution. 
  • Not sure what the problem was… but all seems okay now. Thanks
  • Joe is always awesome!!
  • Quick! Thanks!!
  • JACOBY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Jordan is the best
  • Clay did an outstanding job of continued research until he found the solution. 
  • Jake delivers once again. Thank you for helping us keep flowing!! 
  • Thank you for your patience and diligence 
  • Good job Justin!
  • Jordon did an excellent job helping me get reconnected to my work computer system. 
  • Jordon was a great help with my issue 
  • I was experiencing a little unexpected downtime so I finally worked up the courage to reach out for some outside help. When Jacoby responded to my request, I knew I was in good hands. We tried a couple of different ways to get my system back up again, and in no time at all he had me up and ready to go quicker than anything would. 4 hours later, I’m still up and running like a brand new machine. Thanks Jacoby! 
  • Thank you! Glad this was an easy, via email fix. 
  • Joe was very helpful and patient; thanks!
  • Thanks Justin!
  • Roger is the bomb!
  • You should give Jacoby a raise for all the hoops he had to jump through to get me up and running again. 
  • Thank you for being available at the last minute, I really appreciate all of your help. 
  • I still need help with my remote access. So this may be a continuation of an earlier request. Let me know when Justin is free.
  • Thank you!!
  • Thanks Jacoby!
  • Excellent job
  • Quick and friendly. Justin was professional and efficient. 
  • Thanks for the help
  • Super nice and very friendly! Thank you!
  • Program worked perfectly, thanks for your help!!!
  • Thank you for all of your help, always!
  • Always great service.
  • Very good. You guys have been the best during these trying times for us all.  Thank you
  • Thank you, Michael! 
  • Thanks
  • So far the fix is working
  • Very quick to solve our issue
  • Thank you!
  • When she called me it got resolved quickly
  • Solved our issue quickly
  • Jordon was very patient with me and diagnosed the problem quickly. As always, thanks for the help! 
  • Great job as always
  • Did a great job
  • they were great.
  • I did not know ETS is copied on our 3rd party vendor tickets. Good to know! Thanks!
  • Your staff are always very polite, helpful and professional! 
  • Very Quick response
  • Thank you for your excellent job!!!
  • Excellent as always
  • Quick!
  • Thanks Joe, you always get it fixed!
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS great work and patience from Jacoby…
  • That was fast! Thanks for your help.
  • Jordon got in there and fixed the problem asap
  • Thanks for going above and beyond to get the problem fixed
  • Seems to be resolved. Thank you Roger and Jacoby!
  • Great job, thank you!
  • Justin was awesome! He reset my password quickly and got me up and running! Very personable. Thanks Justin! 
  • Thanks!
  • We are very pleased.  Thank you!!
  • Appreciate the promptness.  Thank you
  • Thanks!
  • Thanks
  • Joe was fantastic
  • As always, Thanks!
  • Answered quickly and great service.
  • Exceptional us usual.  Good Customer Service
  • As always, superior service!
  • Jordon saved the day. I was in a panic as my Home setting was lost on my Outlook, don’t know where it went, it was just gone and I could not do anything with Outlook. I have a big Teams call coming up and could not get into the email home to reply, etc. for the call. Thanks Jordan as always!
  • Chris is awesome… came in over weekend to check status and had to do some deep digging to get all working. very responsive, helpful, friendly. super to work with. And Dug thinks so too. 
  • Did everything as promised.
  • Thank you so much!!
  • Thank you! Great work, as always. 

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Expedient Technology Solutions managed IT services exist to reshape the experience businesses have with IT and their technology providers. We’ll do all we can to make your IT Stress Free.

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