Our Clients Speak (March 2022)


Expedient Technology Solutions Stress Free IT® client survey responses for March 2022.  We are thankful for our clients’ trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience.  Our team members will do all they can to make your IT Stress Free.  Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services. 

  • Fast responses and helpful!
  • Thank you for your help.
  • New machine has corrected the issues with older laptop
  • Jordan was a huge help
  • Thanks!
  • Jacoby took great care of me. I’m not feeling well and my voice sounds awful!!! He worked through it and tried to understand me with great care and professionalism. Love working with you guys 🙂
  • Always a fast response! Thank you so much!
  • Jordon is the man!!
  • Handled my issue very quickly, thank you
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thanks, Jake!!!!
  • Thanks Jacoby!
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you for getting me back online
  • Thank you for taking care of my issue quickly so I could make my zoom meeting
  • Michael did a phenomenal job helping troubleshoot.  I am up and running again!
  • Thank you, Roger was very helpful and committed to resolving though it was not obvious what was required. He said he deleted the mapping, cleared the cache, then remapped the drive and that fixed it.
  • Quick Fix – Eli is awesome!
  • Thanks Jordon! Way to go! Kept on it until issues were resolved. Thanks again!
  • Great job, Eli!
  • Jordon was amazing! He was able to connect my scanner with ease. I really appreciate the help.
  • I appreciate the help Tyler was able to give remotely to fix my printer issue as well as the PDF issue I was having.
  • Not sure how I lost the file but thanks for finding it.
  • Jacoby did a great job. No one else has been able to track down the issue.
  • Still ongoing but working with our phone vendor now.
  • Looks like all of my functions are back.
  • Quick and easy!
  • Very prompt response, thank you!
  • Good turnaround on re-loading laptop. Much appreciated.
  • Tom is fantastic to work with and did a wonderful job!
  • Thank you very much for your help!
  • Thank you for your help with the new form of phishing we had not seen before.
  • Everything is in working order now. Thank you!
  • Short, sweet and simple. Thank you
  • He made it super quick, and appreciate him answering all of my questions.
  • Thank you again Expedient. Much appreciated.
  • Thanks again for the great service!
  • Super fast response! Thanks so much
  • Thanks Team!!
  • Complete
  • Great job!
  • Michael was great, he went above and beyond to diagnose and fix the problem. It took longer than I think we both thought but he stuck with it. Thanks!
  • Thank you Tyler – I really appreciate you!!
  • I will start a new ticket once I have the correct cords
  • Holllla
  • Excellent service
  • He did the job
  • Great job, thank you! So quick and painless
  • Expedient is always on it!
  • Your skills are IRREPLACABLE!
  • This is all good now. Thank you.
  • Tech was very helpful
  • Great as always! Thank you!
  • The verification server was off – needed turned back on
  • Great – easy to follow and worked.
  • Jackson was awesome. Sowed me how to use the access and was extremely helpful. Thank you for being kind and patient with me while my schedule was insane for the past 2 days.
  • The service was great. The gentlemen who did everything for myself and my team were absolutely amazing. It was great not to have to do a bunch of holding and waiting.  Thank you all for having us back up and running quickly. Such friendly service as well.
  • I have no problem with the guy who helped me out. It’s not his fault, but I hate how the iPads are set up and controlled.
  • Excellent service and great attitude even on the easiest things.
  • Thank you again for the help.
  • Jackson was a great help.
  • Quick response within a couple of hours.
  • Jackson did a great job.
  • Easy, painless, wonderful help. Thank you very much Expedient!
  • Roger fixed my issue immediately
  • Thanks for your help Jackson.
  • Thanks for the help. The representative did a great job.
  • Thanks for being my hands 😊
  • Thank you, Tyler!
  • Thanks Roger! I feel like you are becoming my personal tech LOL
  • Thanks Jacoby!!
  • Very quick and helpful. Thanks
  • Always a pleasure working with my Expedient guys 😊
  • It was a drawn out struggle with a third party provider but Roger was able to get me through it.
  • great work – prompt reply and fixed issue ASAP. thank you!!!
  • Great response time.
  • The team persevered through this one! The Zoom Rooms support is terrible (Zoom side), and the hardware/software isn’t great either. Really appreciate the entire team sticking with us on long calls, multiple calls/day sometimes, etc. Really awesome!!
  • Recommendation worked. Thanks
  • Great help and fast. Thank you
  • Issue investigated and corrected in minutes. Thank you!
  • I was helped at 9:30 pm and very thankful for the great service
  • Jordon did a good job
  • Eli was very helpful as well as patient and kind. He solved the problem efficiently and easily.
  • Michael was great! Thanks for the help!
  • Thank you – looks great!
  • Everything seems to be working well.
  • Thank you
  • My issues were resolved quickly
  • Thanks Michael
  • Roger was very helpful. The first few things he tried didn’t take care of the problem but he continued to follow up and try different things until it was fixed.
  • Jacoby is always the best!
  • Thank you so much for all your help!
  • Thank you so much
  • Thank you very much for a quick response and help.
  • The assistance I received was excellent and well beyond satisfactory!
  • Eli was great and very helpful
  • Team members are always professional – even when my issues are stupid like today’s call.  I just didn’t hold down the power off button long enough when my laptop crashed.
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you!
  • Every time I deal with the support department I always get great courteous service. Great guys working there.
  • Michael did a great job of restoring the construction file on the plotter so I can scan documents to that.
  • Tyler was great! Thank you!
  • Michael was great! Problem solved quickly
  • Roger was very helpful and great at communicating.
  • Thank you!!!!
  • Every single time I have called in I have received excellent support. Thanks!
  • Best solution, answer and all around goodness EVER! Thank you, Jackson!
  • Quick response! Seamless process. Thanks!
  • Thanks for taking care of this for me 😊
  • Quickly fixed my issue – thank you!
  • Great job! I think it is wonderful that the company is looking out for us! This is the first time that I’ve had a company that looks out for the well-being of its employees while they are on the internet. I am always careful when I open email and considering that it come over in another language, I was 99% positive that it was a scam. To have it confirmed, just confirmed my suspicions. You are doing a wonderful job and I appreciate that we have someone looking out for us. Thanks again!
  • Thank you for all your help.
  • Fast A++!
  • Great job
  • Super easy fix and highly appreciated
  • Thank you for the help!
  • Great help as always.
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thanks so much – it works now!
  • Thank you so much for taking care of my access issue using the VPN. It works correctly now!
  • Great job!
  • Above and beyond!
  • Had patience with me. Andrew was awesome!!!
  • Great!
  • Yay Mike!
  • Michael was so fast…
  • Fixed the issue right away. Thanks!
  • Justin B is truly irreplaceable
  • Awesome job like always. Thanks to Jake for helping me out.
  • Jackson, thanks for the quick reply and the education.

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