Our Clients Speak (August 2021)

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Expedient Technology Solutions Stress Free IT® client survey responses for August 2021. We are thankful for our clients trust and support of our commitment to reshaping their IT experience. Our team members will do all they can to make your IT Stress Free. Managed IT Services are only as good as the people providing those services.

  • Thank you
  • Jacoby recommended upgrading to Adobe Standard. He was right. Problem Solved. Yay!
  • Great job! Everything works perfectly. Jacoby is awesome!
  • Michael and Jake worked so well as a team. It took them 4-5 minutes to correct our phone system. Love it.
  • Problem resolved within 5 minutes
  • Lost my Explorer. Called Expedient. Poof it was back. Less than a minute. Jordon Jordon Jordon. He wins a gold medal.
  • Always great help, thank you!
  • Great Job. Thanks
  • Roger Did a great job!
  • Roger did an outstanding job getting me back online with the FortiClient, it was not recognizing my IP address for some weird reason, he got me reconnected. Thanks Roger.
  • Michael was professional and quick in solving my issue. He resolved the issue in a timely manner.
  • Much appreciate for your help.
  • Thank you, Michael!
  • The problem was solved quickly.
  • Easy to work with and had a good understanding.
  • As always, service was bomb! Fast, efficient and he even took the time to school me up on how to do this myself in the future.
  • Expedient rocks!
  • Joe did a great job in resolving my issue. Thanks
  • Great teams. Helped out quickly and with exactly what I needed.
  • Jacoby was great. My computer was much less cooperative. In spite of every trick, my system was determined to stop him from uninstalling the print drivers so they could be reinstalled from scratch. His persistence paid off and I can print correctly now.
  • Thank you.
  • Courteous and helpful
  • Jordon was great!
  • This problem was handled quickly and conveniently
  • Thank you Jordon!
  • So this one was a dumb blond moment but Jordan helped me rethink what I did yesterday that caused the problem. Much appreciated, as usual! Thanks!
  • Turning off Bluetooth did the trick! Thank you!
  • Michael was very helpful in resolving my issue.
  • Great job. Thank you!
  • Whoever helped me was great. Did it while on my 15 minute break.
  • Clay is always so helpful and patient with me. Never hesitates when I ask questions or to show me in further detail. Fantastic Technician!!
  • Great service, thanks again!
  • Thx Guys
  • 365 connectivity issue was resolved. Thanks
  • Roger did well for us on this issue. Worked to understand the problem and stayed with it in all facets until completed, same day.
  • Very nice work.
  • Guidance from the tech was very good.
  • I was happy with how pleasant he is and that ultimately the job was taken care of.
  • All seems to be working, thank you.
  • As always, great job
  • Great help, fast and easy, thank you
  • You guys are the best, always. Thank you!!!
  • You all went above and beyond with this new hire set up and getting him taken care of for onboarding!
  • Thank you, Joe!
  • Quickly and professionally handled and resolved the issue.
  • Quick to answer, to resolve my issue and get me back online asap. I truly appreciate it.
  • Thanks Tyler for your assistance!
  • Timely, understanding, knowledgeable
  • Zach got a late-night call from support and came to the rescue
  • Thank you for your help! Appreciate you all!
  • Thanks, Jordon, for your help
  • Eli was extremely helpful; ran virus scan as precaution on the body of the email as well as attachments. Tagged it as spam and reported the message as well. thank you!
  • Quick and easy, thanks
  • Thanks for your help, Jacoby! Printer is working fine now.
  • Jacoby was excellent!!! He had my issue resolved quickly and was a pleasure during the process. Thank you for you for making my day better.
  • Great service as always.
  • Jordon was very helpful solving my log-in issues. Everything fired up perfectly this morning. I don’t expect any other issues but if one pops up, Jordon is the go-to guy.
  • Because Jacoby is wonderful.
  • Super quick response. Not totally resolved because it is a server issue, but did as much
    as possible in the interim. So appreciate the quick and thorough response. 🙂
  • Jordon always does a great job.
  • always a pleasant experience when Jacoby gets my computer fixed. He’s always super helpful and explains what I can do next time to fix it myself. Thank you 🙂
  • Thanks for your help, Joe!
  • The issue was resolved super fast! Thank you so much!!
  • Thank you -very kind, patient, professional service!! Happy to be doing business with you. 😊
  • Thanks for the quick response!
  • Always awesome!
  • Thank you!
  • Great work! Thanks for your help!
  • Jacoby did a fantastic job fixing my IT issue
  • Patrick had this fixed right away and called to make sure process completed in MailXstream. Thanks!
  • Expedient was very helpful in solving my issues
  • Thank you to the Expedient team for helping me when I didn’t know who to reach out to and to Jacoby for coming through with excellent service again!!
  • As always…ETS keeps The Griffin going. Thank you!
  • This was an unfortunate situation. Thank you for your help!
  • Excellent, fixed my issue in less than 5 minutes
  • Justin was very helpful! Got me up and going 😊
  • Andrew did a great job!
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thank you, Andrew, for walking me through the steps to change Steve’s out of office message while working from home! You saved me a trip to the office. Thanks again! I really appreciate it!
  • Quick response and very helpful when I had trouble with understanding the Global Shop tech. So thankful to have Expedient to
  • figure out what they were saying. 🙂
  • Great job! So easy to work with and I learned some useful tips dealing with shortcuts on servers. Thanks Jordon!
  • Thanks again for all the help. Appreciate the positive attitude with the bottomless pit that is GUI. 🙂
  • Thank you, Tyler!!
  • Thank you so much for your help!
  • Nice person.
  • Joe got me squared away and back to work in a flash.
  • Thank you!
  • Completed and working great! All support personnel involved were very helpful. Thanks!
  • Very quick response. It is working temporarily and I know that Global Shop Tech is involved. I am closing the ticket for the episode that was resolved but the issue itself is still recurring, as we all know. Thanks for all the above and beyond work with getting GS involved. Really appreciated.:)
  • Thank you 😊
  • You were able to provide us a list we’d been asking for from our former IT support person that he said wasn’t possible. Thanks!
  • Tyler was great, resolved my request quickly to access new Mintab 20
  • Jake was very helpful as always. Thanks again!
  • On-time and quickly fixed the issue!
  • Jacoby helped me with my installs this morning. He was both friendly and professional, and completed the task in a timely manner
  • Tyler was wonderful! Professional, knowledgeable and funny! I appreciated his help in resolving my issue.
  • Thanks for all the help! It was a quick set up.
  • Jacoby did an amazing job persisting with this weird issue I had with Global Shop. I really appreciate everything he did to get to the bottom of it. A lot of work! Thanks 😊
  • Watson stepped in when all techs were booked to get things fixed and keep me rolling for month end duties. Thank you, Watson!!
  • Battery problem was fixed.
  • Thanks, I greatly appreciate you getting my printer connected properly.

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