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System Redundancy in Cloud Computing

March 2, 2022

With today’s advanced technology, you can store more and more data in the cloud, which is excellent news for businesses. It’s easier and cheaper to store data than ever before, and security is often top-notch. However, sometimes things go wrong. What happens to your valuable data when a system in the cloud crashes? Even the […]

Cloud-Based IT Solutions

August 18, 2021

It has become clear that, for most businesses, the work from home culture that was established in 2020 isn’t going anywhere. Employees have fallen in love with the flexibility and comfortability that working from home has offered them. Luckily, technology solutions have caught up quickly to meet the demands and necessities of remote work. While […]

Transitioning from On-Premise to Cloud-Based Software

August 31, 2020

COVID-19 and the accompanying quarantine measures will likely change office operations for good. Even as establishments have begun to reopen, many companies are allowing (if not outright encouraging) their employees to continue working remotely. Businesses have implemented new conferencing tools for remote collaboration. Meanwhile, employees have become accustomed to working from their homes. Now more than ever, […]

Disadvantages of AWS, Azure, and Other Big Brand Hosting

June 30, 2020

When it comes to hosting for a business, you don’t want to use just anyone. There are many critical factors to consider including security, stability, uptime, scalability, and more. Because of this, many businesses gravitate towards big, established brands for hosting and management such as Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure.  Companies like these can likely provide well beyond your technical needs. That’s […]

Keeping Employees Engaged During Social Distancing

April 16, 2020

In the initial weeks of COVID-19 quarantine and working from home, most businesses were focused on simply maintaining operations. That meant ensuring employees had the necessary tools, that systems and files were accessible, that important information was still protected, etc.  Much of this is an ongoing process that continually needs to be monitored, reviewed, and adjusted, but […]

Microsoft End of Support

October 10, 2019

You may have read about the upcoming Microsoft End of Support that is happening now and through 2020 for multiple products.  This is an important topic that all sizes and types of businesses need to address to remain safe and compliant. We’ve been sending out reminders starting with SQL Server 2008/R2 that had an end of support date of July, 9, […]

Hardware updates in the Cloud

October 10, 2019

Has the cloud changed how you update your hardware? The cloud, as a concept, still creates confusion: what is it, why does it have to exist, where is it, what should we do differently, and how has it changed how we manage updates? The latter question, how do we manage updates, is a major consideration for […]

Why your SMB should explore Managed IT Services

October 10, 2019

Why your SMB should explore managed services Running your own in-house IT support team can be prohibitively expensive for SMBs. Often IT responsibilities are shouldered by someone with other important duties who may have limited knowledge of IT best practice and use trial and error to fix issues. Or maybe you have to call in […]