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What to Look For in an IT Support Company

July 12, 2021

Most companies today rely and run on IT software. Advancements in technology has, in many ways, made it easier than ever to operate and run a business from anywhere at any time. The possibilities technology has created for businesses of all sizes is really incredible! When running and operating smoothly, how it is designed, technology […]

Is Your Team Struggling in This Fast Paced Digital World?

June 28, 2021

It’s possible that before the year 2020 your workplace or team was able to skirt by with dated technology or slower forms of communication. But we all know that 2020 changed the way we do many things — from grocery shopping and eating out, to homeschooling and working remotely. More than ever our whole society […]

Establishing a Disaster Recovery Plan and Backup Solutions for Your Business

May 4, 2021

As we head into a post-COVID world, today’s businesses face more cyberthreats than ever. In fact, cyberattacks increased by 400% in 2020. Though data breaches and system compromises are often associated with larger scale companies, small businesses aren’t exempt. Nearly 20% of small businesses will experience a cyberbreach, and 60% of those businesses will go out of business within six months.   Yet […]

Is Remote Working Good for Businesses and Their Employees?

March 4, 2021

Over the past year, countless companies have found themselves having to adopt to remote workplaces. By last April, 62% of working Americans were operating out of their homes. Though it certainly came with its technological challenges, not to mention cybersecurity threats, most companies and their employees have managed to make it work.  As we now appear to be in the homestretch of […]

Keeping Employees Engaged During Social Distancing

April 16, 2020

In the initial weeks of COVID-19 quarantine and working from home, most businesses were focused on simply maintaining operations. That meant ensuring employees had the necessary tools, that systems and files were accessible, that important information was still protected, etc.  Much of this is an ongoing process that continually needs to be monitored, reviewed, and adjusted, but […]

Preparing for Disaster and Keeping Your Business Operating

March 27, 2020

With the quarantine measures taken to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, businesses across the country have been scrambling to keep operating. Offices have largely been shut down, and workers are operating remotely.  While modern technology provides the means for workers to continue to work and collaborate from the safety of their homes, uncertainty looms. It is currently unknown how […]

Best Practices for Working from Home During COVID-19 Quarantine

March 23, 2020

Working from home was once considered a luxury that few could experience. But in today’s fast paced, interconnected world where you can access just about everything you need from any device of your choosing, working from home is a fairly common opportunity.  But there’s a difference between having the option to work from home and having no choice but to […]

What 5G Means for Businesses

March 18, 2020

It was just about 10 years ago that 4G data speeds hit the US market, starting with the release of the HTC Evo. 4G allowed mobile devices to compete against broadband connections and Wi-Fi networks. It opened the doors for the modern, mobile-first internet that we utilize today.  While 4G access was fairly limited back then, it’s become the standard […]

Could You Be Violating Your Customers’ Privacy?

February 24, 2020

Like any relationship, the relationship between a customer and a business should be built on trust. In the case of privacy and personal information, your customers are trusting that you are being responsible with their information.   Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t.   This is a serious issue for a number of reasons. If a customer’s data is leaked, it could result in them […]