Check your Company’s Information Security Risk with FISASCORE

Why is a FISASCORE important?

You probably know what a credit score is. It’s a number given to you that quantifies your credit risk based on your financial history. You may even know your exact score.

Now, take that same scoring and assessment system, apply it to your organization’s information security risk, and get a FISASCORE (click to begin)

FISASCORE allows businesses and organizations to know and understand where they are vulnerable and how they compare with peers within similar industries.   FISASCORE can also be used to communicate the level of information security risk to interested third-parties (customers, stakeholders, auditors, regulators etc).  Expedient Technology Solutions is providing this service to you because we believe it's important to understand where you need guidance or some assistance to fully protect your company's information. 

How does it work?

 A full FISASCORE assessment gives your organization a score to quickly and confidently understand and quantify information security risks and provides a common vision on how to prioritize and address them.  This includes a comprehensive action plan that is designed to dramatically increase the overall health and score of your company's greatest assets.

FISASCORE is constantly calibrated to the latest security threats used by attackers with controls designed to mediate those threats and protect data from unauthorized access, disclosure, distribution and destruction.  The FISASCORE framework consists of a thorough evaluation of risks within four phases: Administrative Controls, Physical Controls, Internal Technical Controls and External Technical Controls. 

The FISASCORE Estimator gives you the ability to get a free estimate of your FISASCORE that will help you get an idea of where your organization is related to the health of your information security.

Take the FISASCORE Estimator today to learn more about your organization’s information security risk. You will answer approximately 25 - 30 questions (Yes, No or Not Sure) in each of the four phases so allow some time to answer appropriately. 

Here's an example under Administrative Controls:

"Information security policies and/or procedures that are specific to financial systems have been developed and implemented" and you choose Yes, No, or Not Sure.

If you have any questions or need assistance, we are here to help. We are providing this to you at no cost and under no obligation.  We will help you through the analysis of the final scoring to identify your risks and next steps.  (937)535-4300 or email Kathy.

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