DBJ 2018 Best Places to Work Honoree

Miamisburg-based Expedient Technology Solutions practices what it preaches.

ETS’s website tells customers and prospects that “IT doesn’t have to be stressful.” CEO Marcus Thompson believes this idea applies internally, too. “We have a very low-drama atmosphere,” he said. “Everyone works together towards the same goal of reshaping the experience of our clients and other team members.”

Expedient Technology Solutions' website tells customers and prospects that “IT doesn’t have to be stressful.”

One employee is so stress-free at ETS that he doesn't want to think about going anywhere else. “I will retire here one day an old man if at all possible!” he said.

Thompson founded ETS more than 10 years ago. Today the company does everything from staffing companies’ tech departments to providing IT security and cloud-based storage and backup solutions. To succeed in this fast-changing industry, a business has to be agile and open to input that helps it keep its edge. As the fourth-largest networking technology company in Dayton, ETS is “always looking for feedback from our team members on how to improve our service delivery,” Thompson said.

Team members celebrate each other’s service wins by writing kudos on the “Wall of WOW” in their break room, which encourages constant improvement and positivity, Thompson added.

The messages seem to be working. Said one employee (with what the company would probably say is good drama), “Three words: Long live Expedient!”

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