Co-Managed IT Services

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Stress Free IT® Co-Managed IT Services is a non-competitive, hybrid relationship between your internal IT team and our team of Technical Engineers. We assist your team with achieving technical and operational goals. We provide services where you team may need additional expertise, or in areas your team prefers not to support. We also bring our suite of tools for proactive monitoring, maintenance, and documentation to the relationship.

Areas where our Stress Free IT® Co-Managed IT Services have assisted clients include:

  • Network Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Server and Virtualization Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Help Desk Services
  • Cybersecurity Services

The goal of Stress Free IT® Co-Managed IT Services is to supplement your internal IT team and help them however they need.

Call us today to learn more about Stress Free IT® brand of Managed IT Services: Managed IT, Co-Managed Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Pen Testing and Compliance, Managed Backup, Private Cloud Hosting and Virtual Desktop Services.

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