ETS is recognized for its Stress Free IT® managed service offering.  We also offer a broad range of IT services and high level strategic consulting to fulfill your organization's technology needs.

Organizations are challenged with the increasing complexity and accelerating growth of technology which requires expert attention to ensure optimal network performance and maximum ROI.  Our services provide the best customizable alternative to adding high-cost staff or substantial capital investment.  Whether you need additional staff to supplement your in-house IT, a new or expanded network, improved communications, or security compliance, we have a solution that fits.

We provide access to the latest technology and a team of certified experts for less than the cost of employing just one.  This will give you the opportunity to budget more effectively with fixed costs, lower your IT expenditures and reduce IT risks.  As your trusted managed service provider, we'll reshape your experience with IT.

For more information on any of our Stress Free IT® Managed Services solutions, please call our IT Consultants at (937)535-4300 or email