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Your business runs on data, so why not place it exactly where you need it? Whether it is on-premise, with a public cloud provider like Azure or AWS, or hosted with us in one of our Tier-4 datacenters, Stress Free IT® Managed Cloud Services from Expedient Technology Solutions supports your environment with extensive training and knowledge of cloud services that will best fit your company’s goals and budget.

However, choosing to use Expedient Technology Solutions to host your server infrastructure has a number of benefits, including cost savings, straightforward and flat-billed monthly costs, hardware that can be customized to your applications needs, and not having to worry about large capital expenses for servers and storage.

  • We offer a geographically diverse, high-performance architecture that is managed by our team of experts. This offers updates, upgrades, and live help desk ticketing to reduce your responsibility to maintain and operate the systems, while improving response times and system availability.
  • No need budget for large server and storage CAPEX purchases and internal resources for managing and maintaining the infrastructure. Instead, it is an easily budgeted, flat monthly OPEX that can be scaled when you need. This can significantly reduce the IT financial burden for your company.
  • Daily onsite and offsite backups are always included. By leveraging our Stress Free IT® Managed Backup infrastructure, we are able to provide data security and recoverability as a standard, not as an additional fee.
  • Monthly bandwidth consumption and connection back to your offices are included in the flat monthly cost. That way, there are no surprises at the end of each month as with other hosting providers.
  • Reduced potential downtime with industry leading services from Expedient Technology’s private Tier-4, SOC compliant datacenter, the highest level of the Security Operations Center hierarchy. 
  • Demonstrated specialized knowledge with leadership and management skills that provide a smooth and complete data recovery in case of a disaster. Your data is locally accessible, and we offer live, local phone support available 24×7 for an hourly service.

Stress Free IT® Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Services from Expedient Technology Solutions enables you to run your applications and full desktops from anywhere with a stable internet connection, on almost any device, to enhance collaboration and productivity. This allows your organization to reduce capital expenditures on end user devices by being able to leverage a single, standard device for all users, regardless of required workload, or even utilize a Bring Your Own Device program when paired with proper cybersecurity measures. Thanks to Expedient Technology Solutions’ partnerships, every virtual desktop has a GPU sized to handle each user’s unique workload, from task workers all the way up to engineers, architects, and content creators.

With VDI, either on-premises or hosted in one of our datacenters, your data remains protected behind layers of security, helping to keep your data safe, while improving performance since each virtual desktop operates at up to 10x the network speed of a typical end user. With our flexible, engineering-validated designs, you can spend less resources procuring, deploying, testing, and supporting your end user hardware, applications, and operating systems.

Expedient Technology Solutions Virtual Desktop services provide:

  • Lowered administrative and support costs and no time-consuming OS patching and migrations for each piece of hardware.
  • Minimal impact on user productivity in the event of end user hardware failure since the user can move to another device.
  • All core applications and files are stored in the backup-protected server environment, reducing data risk if machines are misplaced, stolen, or have hardware failure.

Stress Free IT® Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Services are perfect for healthcare, education, remote work environments, and engineering and design companies where graphics-heavy applications are used.

Call us today to learn more about Stress Free IT® brand of Managed IT Services: Managed IT, Co-Managed Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Pen Testing and Compliance, Managed Backup, Private Cloud Hosting and Virtual Desktop Services.

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