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Every company relies on technology to run their business and needs someone to manage their IT to run smoothly. From laptops and PCs to network infrastructure to remote workers and passwords; it’s a lot to cover and maintain for a small to medium sized business. Additionally, there are all the cybersecurity concerns to address. Most SMBs don’t have the people, time, or funds to keep these IT responsibilities in house.

Moving your IT duties to a trusted managed IT service provider (MSP), especially one like Expedient Technology Solutions that starts with cybersecurity first, will allow your team to focus on doing their jobs efficiently and effectively. Here are some benefits of outsourcing your IT to us:

  • Efficient cost management with a predictable flat monthly fee. You’ll be able to forecast expenditures with accuracy and dependability as you grow successfully into the future.
  • Sharing the burden of risk with highly accredited experts who can help your team navigate compliance and regulations. We can mitigate your risk while assuring your operations are up to date with the latest information, technologies, and processes to keep your infrastructure secure and productive.
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of freed up resources. No more wasting time trying to figure out why something isn’t working as it should or spending time on hold with your third-party technology providers. You can focus on your job and send your stress over to our help desk. We keep you posted throughout the process with an easy-to-use ticketing system that starts with a simple “help” email or phone call to our team.
  • You’ll have access to data management experts. Our Stress Free IT® team includes desktop management for onboarding and offboarding your employees, fixing any issues or configurating new machines as you need them. Our help desk team is local, and you’ll enjoy their responsiveness and professional service. We’re staffed by Technical Engineers of all levels to help with projects and any complicated issues. Plus, we have in house Security Operations Center (SOC) members to monitor and remediate any threats. Our team holds multiple certifications and accreditations including CISSP, CISM, SSCP, and CySA+. Continued Growth is one of our core values, and we’ll never stop learning and training.
  • You’ll be able to refocus your priorities knowing that we’re here for you with 24×7 monitoring, management, and support. We’ll take the Stress out of your IT.

Call us today to learn more about Stress Free IT® brand of Managed IT Services: Managed IT, Co-Managed Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Pen Testing and Compliance, Managed Backup, Private Cloud Hosting and Virtual Desktop Services.

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